Energy efficiency monitoring

De GreenBox in brief !

Energy efficiency monitoring

GreenBox is an energy efficiency monitoring box which enables you to make significant savings by optimizing your energy productions and consumptions.

MyGreenBox interface

The MyGreenBox interface enables to display the information collected by GreenBox.


Its DIN Rail compatibility makes it easy and user-friendly to install and enables it to be directly placed in your company's or private home's electrical box.

GreenBox is available in two models:

Ethernet Version

A Web-connected box that connects to your company or home router via an Ethernet cable. It is equipped with three pulse inputs and does not require any local configuration. More information

GPRS Version:

A box that connects to the Web via an embedded GPRS modem or an Ethernet cable. This is the high-end model with X inputs and two outputs.More information

Application examples:

  • GreenBox installation in a private individual's electrical panel in order to enable the installer to follow-up electricity production and to diagnose possible issues remotely.
  • GreenBox installation on an existing photovoltaic installation so as to perform an automatic remote reading and sending of the green meter index to VREG, CWaPE or Brugel.
  • Remaining fuel oil tank level reading in order to diagnose a leak and remote reading of related fuel oil meter. (GreenBox GV only)
  • Global monitoring of a private home or company: Analysis of installation consumptions and productions in order to establish a global energy efficiency profile and data comparison charts.
  • Heat pump energy efficiency assessment via reading of a pulse calorimeter with two temperature probes and a flowmeter.
  • Remote index reading when tenants move in and out for an exact assessment of amounts to be paid.
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