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GreenBox Ethernet version: GreenBox EV

  • GreenBox EV (Ethernet Version) is a box for real-time monitoring and surveillance of one or more (up to 3) pulse meters.
  • The data collected by the box is sent to the desired server via Ethernet in order to perform a real-time follow-up of production/consumption for your home electricity, photovoltaic installation or other energy type.
  • GreenBox EV is easy to install thanks to its compact form factor and its 35mm DIN rail-compatible box. GreenBox EV's embedded power supply is compatible with 110VAC and 230VAC grids. (Frequency: 50/60Hz)

GreenBox technical features:

Supply voltage UN VAC 110/230
Frequency Hz 50/60
Power consumption W 0.66
Pulse inputs S0 3
Protection class IP 20
Mounting Rail DIN 35 mm (EN 60715)
Box width mm 35
Operating temperature °C -30 à +85
Certifications EG, ROHS
Minimum cable cross section mm² 0.5
Maximum cable cross section mm² 4
Ethernet connector RJ45
Transfer speed MBits/s 10/100
Customization Local/remote
Configuration Static IP/DHCP
Warranty year 2


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